No Equipment: The Perfect Stuck-At-Home Workout
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No Equipment: The Perfect Stuck-At-Home Workout

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These are strange times. Most of our gyms are closed, many people’s jobs have changed, E-learning has taken the place of traditional schools, and stress levels continue to rise. Typically this time of year I curse the pollen and the histamine response from my body, and now I question whether or not my next cough or sneeze means that I have the dreaded Corona virus. I don’t know whether to laugh at the anxiety or cry. What is going on?

It is important that we first make ourselves aware of the precarious state that our minds are in; second, we must devise a practical and useful plan to alleviate daily stress. The workout I am providing can be done anywhere that you have a little bit of space. The best part is that it requires no equipment and can be done without much noise. Pause Tiger King, turn on some of your favorite music, and let your body heal your mind with this perfect in-home workout.


The parentheses are modifications intended to make the exercise(s) easier. Please use them as you see fit. Also, I am attaching a word document so that you can easily save and change reps, sets, etc. Lastly, I have attached a live stream of the workout at the end of the blog. I suggest you follow along with the video if you are unsure of some of the exercises. Enjoy!

Warm up for 5 Minutes With this Quiet Sequence

Each exercise should be done with great technique in order to get the best results. The pattern of 50 seconds exercising and 10 seconds resting repeats for each movement.

Quiet Burpee-> Arm and Leg Balance Swings (R then L)–> Plank Tucks With Extension–> X squats–> Crab position alternating toe taps

1 Minute Rest

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Full-body Circuit- 20 second break between sets if necessary

Push ups– 8-10 (Shoulder taps 15- 20)

Bicycle sit ups modified– 10-20 (regular curl ups)

Stationary lunge– 10 per leg (shoulder, hip, knee)

Angel of death– 8-10 (5 seconds for each)

Bird dog– Each side for 30 seconds

Single Leg Supine Glute Bridge– Right leg 15, Left Leg 15 (regular supine glute bridge)

Repeat for a total of 2 rounds

Cool down

Child’s pose–> Down Dog–> Forward fold–> Down Dog–> Right side lunge with a twist, runner’s stretch sequence–> Down dog–> Left Side lunge, runner’s stretch sequence– Crisscross apple sauce and gentle arm and back stretch.

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