How You Can Gain Muscle Without Weights

If you want to gain muscle but don’t have access to a gym or weights, then what should you do? Here are four exercises you can do around the house to increase lean muscle.

  1. Push Ups– Push ups are a great upper body exercise that can be modified for beginners or seasoned fitness enthusiasts.
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  • Decrease difficulty by: placing knees on floor; standing up and leaning into a wall to do your push up.
  • Increase difficulty by: slowing your push up as you move toward the ground; creating a diamond with your hands while doing push up; elevating your feet (the more elevation, the harder it is).

2. Squats– Squats will increase your lower body strength and endurance.

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  • Decrease the difficulty of a squat by: decreasing the range of motion (don’t squat low); use a chair to sit into and to get up; do a wall squat with slight knee bend and hold.
  • Increase the difficulty by: increasing the range of motion (squat lower); slow down the repetitions; do a wall squat at a lower depth and hold.

3. Planks– Planks are great for increasing musculature and stability in the core (abs and back)

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  • Decrease the difficulty by: if you start your plank in a push up position, then it may be easier for you to finish on your forearms; do the plank from your knees; decrease the time of your plank
  • Increase the difficulty by: holding the plank longer; tapping your opposite shoulder as you hold the plank; do a side plank; decrease the points of contact by lifting an arm or foot.

4. Lunges– lunges increase lower body strength and endurance like squats, but they also provide balance training.

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  • Decrease the difficulty of a lunge by: putting the knee of the back leg on the ground and holding that position; decreasing the depth of your lunge (don’t go as far down); use something to help you balance as you lunge
  • Increase the difficulty by: increasing the depth of your lunge; do a forward lunge and hold; lunge backward instead of forward; lateral lunge (to the side)

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I am a NASM certified personal trainer and Physical Education teacher. I enjoy running, lifting weights, yoga, & surfing.

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